your heart is pure,
and your mind is dear.



They keep mending an old veil
They dissolve their faith in happiness and fear
They pay no attention to satan's whisper 'cause laughing has become too loud
And the scream that was promising the heaven
ceased to be heard a long time ago

Hey man you feed your dog with care
You've been seeing him growing up in muscles and jaws
You wash with soap his body, start his fire and throw him in a fighting pit
You put your money on the fighting
The blood of all the poor dogs will drown you

Malediction on you

You have crossed a silent road
You'll give the gift
no matter if someone is around
It's for Tobias "the honest", he's gotten a loan from a usurer just like you
The gift surprise is an explosion
that will make an incredulous fire of you
Malediction on you

: )  (bella)
lui è bravissimo..anche il disegno è suo


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