your heart is pure,
and your mind is dear.



Baldr is a menswear label, wishing to reinvent and redefine the Scandinavian values
within design, craftsmanship and materials.
Our vision is to make use of Nordic cultural heritage and its craftsman traditions. In order to create
viable clothing in noble materials with a refined finish for the modern man, with a wish to signal
simplicity, honesty and strength Baldr is manufactured exclusively in Europe.
The Baldr aesthetic is deeply rooted in timeless design and attention to detail.
The casual Scandinavia lifestyle of sea, mountains, and traditional design combined with
inspiration from travels around the world mix together to form the inspiration for design.
Attainable luxury summarizes the brand directionin that Baldr provides premium
materials and finishes in an obtainable product.
The script word mark represents the idea of hand made simplicity and organic creative.
Technology has improved our productivity and ability to communicate but will never replace
the human act of creation.
Our logo represents a global community and illustrates that we are all connected in some way.
Whether you live in Berlin, Hong Kong, or New York, there is a common thread that connects us


archivio riviera