your heart is pure,
and your mind is dear.


love contemporary

Issue No. 1. 
 Love Contemporary is joyful, deep, bold, daring and something to remember. 
It is built on the interaction of people coming together and their emotional and physical communion, resulting in a higher level of beauty and happiness.

Love contemporary is a new art magazine about pure, modern love. It’s a movement back to real things, simple pleasures, and yes, love. Its style is a marriage between 60’s Scandinavian minimalistic vintage and contemporary international urban culture.

The magazine is brought to you by a group of international artists, designers, photographers, writers and other contemporary culture connoisseurs. The Editor-in-Chief is renowned Nordic fashion designer and filmmaker Paola Suhonen.

Love Contemporary also produces a series of cultural events and, as a one perspective to modern love, curates a selection of the finest designer pleasure toys in the world.


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